Chairman Li Yadong Meets Philips Delegation

On the morning of August 13, Li Yadong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Meheco Group Co., Ltd. (China Meheco), met with the delegation of Phili꧅ps and exchanged views at Meikang Building. The delegation included Liang Jianqiu, Vice President of Philips Greater China, General Manager of Total Solution Center, He𝔉ad of Strategic Cooperation, Li Tao, Vice President of Philips Greater China, Head of Government Affairs, Chief Representative of Beijing Branch, and Liu Weiye, Vice President of Philips Greater China, General Manager of Image-Guided Therapy Business Group.Other attendees included deputy general manager Yuan Jinghua and representatives from the Department of Strategic Development, Commercial Division, Business Innovation and Synergy Development Department, China Meheco International Co., Ltd., China Medical Equipment & Technical Service Company and Beijing Meheco Yonstron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

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